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I filled the bathtub full of water, and bubbles, turned on some soft music, lit a few candles and mentioned that Mrs go up there and relax. About a half hour later I entered the bathroom to see her panties finally melted off, and be much happier. But I wasn't going to stop at giving the bath, oh no, my night was just about to begin.

I led her to the bedroom with just a towel around her body, and laid down on the bed. Next I started rubbing her shoulders, and the back of her neck, slowly I moved my hands down the creampie panties, rubbing every so tenderly. I rubbed the side of those breasts, carefully avoiding from touching nipples, which I planned on paying attention too later. My goal was to totally relax her before doing anything sexual, that way when my hands moved across sexual parts thoughts of only one thing, and that was feeling of amateur pleasure that I was giving her body.

Juicy Creampie Panties My hands continued moving down lower past her creampie panties and down to those hips, and finally worked my way down to them toes. I massaged them and then started my journey back up, this time working my hands up inside her towel. I loosened the towel so that it wasn't covering my wifes creampie panties anymore, but she wasn't complaining.

From the lustful look she was totally relaxed and would let me do anything that I wanted. Finally my hands worked their way thru and totally naked body to ladies breasts. I held them in my hands and squeezed gently, wiping away any last remains of stress. I watched as those nipples grew from excitement and bent down to taste them with my tongue.

Fresh Creampie PantiesI swirled my tongue around her hard nipples, alternating between each nipple. Now my mouth was hungry, and I wanted to taste more of her. I started to kiss her down the middle of her breasts, I worked myself lower and lower down to into the pussy region and creampie panties. Stopping only for a while to tease sweetys pussy with my hot breath.

My tongue found her clit and I begin to tickle it. I placed a finger at across the opening and slowly started to push it in. First one finger, then two, and finally three fingers where inserted into that pussy. My fingers where moving in and out my tongue was nibbling the clit, and I could feel herself reaching toward an orgasm. I continued with this until reaching multiple vaginal cumshots.

I couldn't hold back any longer, I lay down covering ladies chest, and reached my hands to grab some creampie panties and pulled closer to me as my cock erupted inside her pussy.

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Some have interests in hobbies, maybe sports, or crafts but for me I enjoy writing fun and erotic aspects of sexual interest. The primary focus of my fun in the creampie and especially those containing panties and creampie. Panty sporting ladies are a ture bone maker for me and it thrills me to find sweet a sultry young woman clad in hot colored underwear who eventually participate in the activities for the gratification of those of us whom love to watch. Again, I enjoy putting those stories together with a real representaion of the thoughts that work their way thru my brian as I enjoy the stuff I discover. Keep in mind everything here is fictional as I have no contact with the wonderful souls I write about.

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